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Patent Research

If you have an invention in mind, you can verify it before filing by conducting a patent search with the help of our knowledgeable IP team.

Our patent analyst will carefully examine the topic of your invention and check to see if it has already been made public knowledge. Additionally, in order to establish the invention's legal standing, our patent analyst will offer a critical legal opinion.

The team at StartEase has in-depth knowledge of IP information and research to help you with particular areas of patent research.

Our strategy has been thoughtfully crafted to make the most of our special blend of strategic insight, in-depth industry expertise, and technology.


Patentability Searches

Our patentability searches assist in determining the likelihood that your innovative idea will be granted patent protection.

In order to determine whether your patent application is worthwhile pursuing based on the patentability aspects of the inventive concept, our patentability search involves scouring the prior art, which includes published patent applications, issued patents, and any other published documents in light of your invention. A patentability search's primary goal is to more accurately determine the likelihood that an invention will be granted patent protection.


Transferring Shares Quickly

With the aid of our State-of-the-art searches, you can make well-informed decisions about your patent-related tactics.

Our State of the Art Search is intended to offer current data and advancement in a particular technical field. It is the most thorough of all patent searches, offers a broad overview of a specific technical area, and is typically carried out before filing a patent application or before amending an existing patent application.


Validation/Invalidation Study

Our validity/invalidity searches assist you in determining whether a claim is enforceable or whether it is invalid under the terms of a patent that is allegedly being violated.

Validity / Irrelevance Executed studies follow issuances, such as patent grants

Before you develop, produce, and promote your product, our infringement analysis can assist you estimate the risk of patent infringement.

In order to find any pending patents whose claims are relevant to the specifications of the product, StartEase offers Patent Infringement Searches. Prior to the product's release to the market, a search should be conducted to identify patents with claims that potentially provide an infringement risk to the new product. In some cases, non-patent sources like product literature are used in infringement searches together with art from previously-issued patents.

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